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Body Contouring

Stimulate Muscle and Burn Fat with EMSCULPT neo

What is Body Contouring?

Body Contouring effectively targets stubborn brown fat while promoting muscle growth concurrently. It serves as a complement to your existing healthy lifestyle regimen. By integrating a balanced diet, regular exercise, and Body Contouring, one can unlock boundless potential! EMSCULPT neo emerges as the solution for refining specific areas and achieving desired toning goals.

Does it Hurt?

It does not hurt, but you can expect to feel an intense muscular contraction in the specified treatment area. After your treatment, you may feel some muscular soreness similar to post-exercise. 

What Areas Can I Treat?

When booking your first appointment, there will be a consultation held before you start treatment. With one of our providers, you will be able to curate a plan that works best for your goals. For your reference, below is the main treatment areas that EMSCULPT neo targets:

Treatment Area

Duration (minutes)









Inner Thighs


Lateral Abdomen


Outer Thighs





EMSCULPT neo tackles fat and muscle in just a 30-minute session. It reduces fat by about 30% and boosts muscle by about 25% on average. You can use it on your abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs, achieving significant toning and reshaping. This innovative approach simultaneously addresses both muscle and fat, delivering radio frequency to break down fat and HIFEM® technology to stimulate muscle growth. By optimizing energy delivery in a short time frame, it offers impressive results with less time and cost.

EMSCULPT neo targets stubborn brown fat and replaces it with muscle, which can be difficult to achieve from typical diet and exercise. Another added benefit through the treatment’s radio frequency and HIFEM® technology is skin tightening. This can be especially beneficial when paired with semaglutides since the main drawback of the medication is skin sagging due to dramatic weight loss. 

In a three-month package, you’ll receive six EMSCULPT treatments. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your specific concerns and focus on them during your sessions. For optimal results, it’s recommended to target one treatment area per package. If you wish to address additional areas, we can accommodate them in subsequent sessions.

When Will I See Results?

Expectations should be based off clinical studies which indicate results shown 90 days following the last treatment. Results are variable for each person and treatment area. Your provider will discuss your goals and realistic expectation at the time of your comprehensive consultation.


The clinical protocol for EMSCULPT treatment indicates five consecutive weekly treatments per treatment area. 

Is This Cool Sculpting?

While Cool Sculpting and EMSCULPT neo both aim to reduce visceral fat, EMSCULPT neo offers additional benefits. EMSCULPT neo is the only treatment available in the consumer market that works to strengthen and tone the muscles as well as tighten and rejuvenate the skin.

The EMSCULPT Success

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