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About Us - Integrativ Medicine

At IntegratIV Medicine by Elmwood Healthcare, we are passionate about providing exceptional healthcare services to our communities.

medical spa in taunton, MA. Offers Weight Management, Laser Hair Removal, Pigment Correction, Lip Injections, Dermal Fillers, Infusion Therapy, spider vein correction
About Us

Integrativ Medicine

IntegratIV Medicine by Elmwood Healthcare supports and cares for communities by providing comprehensive, innovative and personalized care that optimizes health, wellness, aesthetics and longevity for each individual. Our integrative approach enables our commitment to deliver the highest quality of clinical care to each and every patient, based wholly on those needs of the individual.

Our Mission

IntegratIV Medicine has clear goals, centered around supporting the longevity and success of the communities we serve. Through this commitment, our mission has, and always will be, to deliver the next generation of innovative, community-based healthcare, driven by value and quality and pillared by sole emphasis on the unique needs and priorities of each person as an individual. Our mission stands to promote independence, drive success and set the standard for equitable healthcare within our own communities.

As an organization with roots deeply planted within the very communities that we serve, our mission has been cemented by a unique ability to close gaps in the care continuum by bridging access and seamlessly integrating innovative solutions that are carefully curated and designed for each patient. This next-generation approach to healthcare, wellness and clinical aesthetics focuses on assessing the targeted needs of each person, and of the population as whole, to deliver individualized care that maximizes value, optimizes health and wellness and enhances the way our patients feel about themselves, from the inside out.

Our Values

Our team is fueled by a passion for each patient, and driven by a constant determination to transform how personalized healthcare is delivered, and reimagine how we define quality healthcare in the community. At the forefront of our commitment is an unwavering emphasis on integrative, personalized and compassionate care. Our ideals are fundamentally pillared by an unwavering pursuit to provide equitable access to personalized healthcare. These same ideas are cemented by our long-term goal: To promote positive patient outcomes through patient-provider collaboration and innovative clinical solutions in the pursuit of optimal health and wellness.